Cupcake Soaps

Our Artisan Soaps include scrumptious cupcake soaps with zero calorie!

Creatively-crafted and eye catching, these unique handmade soaps are made with the same cold-processed method, the same skin-loving natural butters and oils as our herbal soaps, They have fun colors, bright fragrances and designs, and in most cases they are the same colors and fragrance as our cake soaps.  The embeds / decorations are mostly made from cold-processed soap (a few from vegetable glycerin soap).
Because our cupcakes are hand-poured they are not all one size, which is why we sell our soaps by the weight – we do not believe that you should pay the same price for a smaller soap.
And best of all, they make great gifts for the fun-loving people on your list, Natural soap is a wise choice for the entire family.

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