How To Get The Most From Your Natural Handmade Soaps:
1. A happy soap is a dry soap. Do not leave your soap sitting in water. Use a slotted or ridged soap dish instead.

2. Do not rub the bar on your skin. Use a wash cloth or loofah to generate the rich, moisturizing lather – the moisturizing goodness is in the lather.

3. Our herbal soaps are hand-poured and hand-cut, therefore no two bars will ever be exactly alike. Colors and shapes may also vary slightly from order to order – a difference in appearance does not mean a flaw. Of course, care is always taken to ensure that the general quality is similar, but some variations will likely occur. This only adds to their unique character.

4. If you’re not using the soaps immediately, store them in a cool, dry place to maximize shelf-life.

5. Avoid over-exposure to the sun or excessive heat.

6. You may store them as sachets (if scented) in your lingerie drawers until you are ready to use them, but do not keep them there forever. Do use your soaps!!!


Everyone Deserves Beautiful Skin!