Frequently Asked Questions:

What is saponification?
“Saponification” is the name given to the chemical reaction by which an alkali (usually sodium hydroxide – also called caustic soda or lye) reacts with fats and oils to make soap

Your prices are reasonable, why aren’t your natural or organic products priced higher like other brands?
We do not spend a lot of money in expensive and fancy bottles and jars – we choose to put our money in quality ingredients. Our bottles are basic and can be refilled by our customers. Our unvarnished boxes and cloth pouches are reusable, and we print our own labels.

If cold process handmade soap is made with lye, will it hurt my skin?
Soap is a result of a chemical reaction between lye, fat and water. In 24-48hrs, you no longer have lye, fat and water – following the recipe and proper soapmaking procedures means there is no lye at all in our finished soap.

Why Do Your Products Have a Use-By-date?
The date is for yours and our products’ protection. Natural/Organic products are made fresh from living plants and natural preservatives where possible therefore the shelf-life is shorter than other products made with chemicals. Apart from the soaps and unless otherwise stated, you may refrigerate the products until you are ready to use.

How Do I Get The Best Results From Natural Skin Care Products?
Use small amounts. Natural products do not have fillers and are not stretched; they contain only what the skin needs, so a small amount is more effective and goes a long way

Why Is Your Lotion an Ivory Color And Not White?
The healing & softening properties in herbs give them their rich colors, and the generous amount of natural extracts (calendula, esp.) we use in our products give the products theirs.

I’m New To Natural Skin Care, how should I use your face care products?
Same as you use other face care products:

1)Wash face with our cleansers and blot dry.
2) Use our skin toner on clean, soft cotton to gently wipe face.
3) Apply our moisturizer to your face with circular motions.

The expiration date on my product is near and I have a good portion of it left, what should I do?
Refrigerate the product (unless stated otherwise).

Why Is your ivory colored soap called lavender? I like green soaps like those in the supermarket.
Lavender is not just a color. Our Lavender soaps are made w/ the real Lavender plant extracts. Your green soaps are mostly synthetic dyes and detergent

Are your soaps vegan?
All of them are, except one. I use botanical oils and butters as my primary ingredients, but I also carry a ‘pure milk’ soap which contains cow’s milk. This product’s description will note this ingredient.