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Calendula OfficinalisThe Calendula Officinalis, we feel, is “Nature’s Darling“. The extract of this amber colored plant, which is used extensively in most of our natural skincare products, is unsurpassed in its excellence for nourishing, healing and softening the skin.

I started out as a designer in the fashion industry. Fashion designing combined with my love of cooking, colors, patterns and textures, naturally steered me toward soap making. I began with glycerin soaps, then I took a deep breath and plunged into the real deal- cold-processed soaps! I made my first batch in early 2008. Almost a year into making soaps, I discovered the healing power of herbs, and quickly decided that one of the best ways to attain the daily benefits that plant extracts offer is to incorporate them into my handmade soaps. We believe that everyone deserves beautiful skin, and beautiful skin begins with nutrient-packed, natural cleansing. Experience The Difference Today. Love your skin! 

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We carry an extensive array of soaps, natural remedies, gift boxes and gift sets. We concentrate on the substance of our products and function of the carriers instead of fluff and froth of traditional baskets, so our most popular gift carriers are of various finished or unfinished wooden boxes that can be utilized in various other ways. 

Remember to recycle. We believe in a green planet and stand by the integrity of our products. You won’t find bleached the ingredients in these natural products; the products are allowed to retain the natural colors of their oils and botanical extracts. Natural fragrances and colors are used as much as possible.

We, at Nature’s Darling, are dedicated to using the best possible ingredients to create high-quality soaps & natural remedies. Natural Herbal Soaps nourish your skin with the healing power of herbs. Infused Oils can be massaged directly into the skin. Costumized Photo Gift BoxPicture Boxes. Luxurious Bath Gifts. Natural Skincare Remedies. Body Oils & Lotions.  Loaf Soaps. Cake SoapsCupcake Soaps
Try our products and nourish your body! Give a friend or loved ones a gift set and spread some joy!

We are an internet based company. We do not maintain a brick and mortar store. We are either making soaps in the studio or on the other phone line, so it can be nearly impossible to catch us by phone. Orders should be placed online. Questions are best sent by email, and we usually respond within 24 hours, including weekends and holidays. Thank you for understanding.



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